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The institutional setup and staffing of Xiangyang Energy Group Co., Ltd. (the headquarters) are as follows:
According to the "Regulations of Xiangyang Energy Group Co., Ltd." and the needs of the work, there is currently one chairman, one deputy secretary of the party committee, one general manager, one deputy secretary of the party committee, one secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, one director, one member of the party committee and one director, and one member of the party committee and the trade union. Chairman, 1 director, 3 party committee members, deputy general manager, 1 member of the party committee, and 1 chief accountant. The energy group company has a total of 11 departments, of which the party committee has set up four departments: the party and group work department, the discipline inspection and supervision office, the trade union office, the Communist Youth League office; the administrative establishment of seven departments: the board of directors work department, the general manager work department, and the human resources Resources Department, Planning and Finance Department, Investment Development Department, Safety and Health Technology Department, and Legal Audit Department. There are currently 16 domestic and foreign investment companies, including one branch, three wholly-owned subsidiaries, four holding companies and eight shareholding companies.